A 15-year-old girl who was seen being slammed to the ground by a police officer in footage that went viral has now filed a federal lawsuit against the officer, city and police department for $5m (£4.1m).

The lawsuit alleges that the teen, Dajerria Becton, had her constitutional rights violated when the officer pinned her down at a pool party in McKinney, Texas in 2015.

Last year, a grand jury chose not to pursue charges against the officer, Eric Casebolt, who stepped down a few days after the incident.

The lawsuit also says that inadequate training means the police department and the city of McKinney are at fault for the ordeal that Dajerria underwent, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The footage that went viral in 2015 showed police officer Eric Casebolt heavy-handedly responding to calls of a disturbance at a pool party in an upscale neighbourhood. Casebolt was seen pulling Dajerria down by her hair and pushing her face into the grass before pinning her down. Throughout the incident, Dajerria called out for her mother.

The lawsuit says: "The entire time D.B. she could do nothing [but] cry out in pain and repeatedly beg for her 'Momma' as she endured the pain inflicted upon her by Defendant Casebolt's physical assault," according to the Dallas Morning News.

The city of McKinney has defended itself and the police department in a statement: "McKinney prides itself in cultivating the highest standards of training and professionalism for our officers, and it strongly believes that its standards and training will withstand legal challenge."

At the time of the incident, the city's police chief described the officer's actions as "indefensible". The lawsuit seeks damages totalling $5m for Dajerria for attorney's fees, mental anguish and loss of quality of life.