As Theresa May attempted to defend her record to a live television studio audience, one man's reaction in the crowd has gone viral.

The prime minister was appearing on a Channel 4 and Sky News debate, fielding questions from an audience of around a hundred people when the comment was spotted.

A midwife from Devon asked May how she could justify "chronic underfunding of the NHS", the PM's answer left one audience member unimpressed.

Mrs May said that the NHS would receive "half a trillion" in funding up to 2020, saying: "We are increasing funding into the health service and we'll increase funding to the health service in the future. We're committed to that in our manifesto... in terms of increasing the per head funding for the National Health Service in real terms every year.

"We're ensuring that we are putting more money into the NHS, and more money for the future as well as what is happening at the moment".

As this was said, social media users spotted the moment a man uttered "that's b*****ks."

Jono Read said: "That guy mouthing "that's b*****ks" probably managed to sum up the mood of the nation watching.

And Shalayna Sakaria said: "The 'that's b*****ks' guy is my hero."

The health service was a key theme to the debate, and the PM was pressed at one stage about the promise that several senior Tories made that £350m would be given to the NHS if the country left the EU, a promise that has since been reneged on.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was first to face the audience which was followed by a one-to-one grilling from Jeremy Paxman.