That's right. There's a cow in a park in Brooklyn – and New York is all over it.

Reporters at the scene (yes, news organisations have sent reporters to cover the unfolding cow situation) have described helicopters overhead, while live streams show officials making their way towards the cow – which some say is a calf – currently on the south side of Prospect Park per WABC reported.

One injury has been reported from the scene: a child was said to have been knocked over in its stroller by the animal and has now been taken to hospital for treatment.

"[I]f you're hearing helicopters over Prospect Park it's because this brown cow is loose on the Parade Grounds soccer fields!" reporter Rachel H. Smith wrote on Twitter along with a picture of said cow which appears to be brown with a white spot on its back.

According to sports site SB Nation, authorities sent a police officer with hay to try and entice the animal "and the cow didn't fall for it".

One writer took the opportunity to poke fun at the city's notoriously bad subway system, which has been plagued by a summer of failures and bad new stories. "Simple way to capture the cow on the loose in Brooklyn is to lure it to the D train, where it'll remain stationary for the rest of the day." New York Times' Sopan Deb wrote.

Sports Illustrated decided the unfolding cow situation was the perfect moment to poke fun at the US's national soccer (read: association football) team, who recently failed to qualify for the upcoming World Cup after a surprise defeat to Trinidad and Tobago. "The future of US soccer is this runaway cow on field in Brooklyn," the magazine's 'Extra Mustard' account tweeted.

You can watch the excitement as it all unfolded on one of the numerous live streams put out by news organisations.

UPDATE: The cow was captured and is reportedly heading to a sanctuary.