cyclist abuse man Manchester
The man shouting abuse at a cyclist as he went past in Manchester YouTube/Joe Silver

There's apparently a guy in Manchester who stands by the side of a cycle lane hurling abuse at cyclists as they pedal by.

The alleged Manchester cyclist abuser was caught on camera in Fallowfield by cyclist Joe Silver, who posted his footage to YouTube.

"This tough guy got scared of a girl cycling in the cycle path, and takes the opportunity to have a go at each other cyclist," says Silver's caption for the video.

The man shouting abuse appears to be complaining about the female cyclist in front, before turning his rage on to Silver. The incident happened just outside the Friendship Inn on Wilmslow Road.

"If that bike would've injured me I'd have f**king put her in hospital," he says, "and you with her, you baldy c**t."

The clip was posted on Reddit to the Manchester subreddit, where people claimed to recognise the man because he'd targeted them before.

"I see that guy on Oxford Road all of the time yelling at cyclists," wrote the user Hitbysquirrel.

"He really hates cyclists for some reason. I've seen him shouting 'I hope you f**king get hit by that car!' to random people going past. Never met someone walking who hated cyclists that much."

"He walked out in front of me just before Christmas just down the road," wrote Redditer drgonzo1492. "Utter bellend. Next time I'll be aiming for him."

Here's the video – but be warned, there's a lot of swearing.