UK Prime Minister Theresa May was quick to play down her party's mass advances in the local and metro-mayoral elections across England, Wales and Scotland on Friday 5 May.

The Conservative premier, speaking at a factory in west London, instead took aim at "bureaucrats in Europe" as the row between Brussels and British government continues.

"This is not about who wins and who loses in the local elections," May said.

"It is about continuing to fight for the best Brexit deal for families and businesses across the United Kingdom, to lock in the economic progress we have made and get on with the job of making a success of the years ahead."

"Despite the evident will of the British people, we have bureaucrats in Europe who are questioning our resolve to get the right deal.

"And the reality is that only a general election vote for the Conservatives in 34 days time will strengthen my hand to get the best deal for Britain from Brexit."

The comments come after May claimed that EU officials leaked "misleading" accounts of a Downing Street dinner between EU Commission chief Jean Claude Juncker and herself.

Juncker reportedly phoned German chancellor Angela Merkel after the summit to warn that May was "living on another galaxy" over Brexit.

May's pro-Brexit stance is paying off for Tories at the ballot box, with the party winning scores of council seats and even the mayorship of Tees Valley, a Labour heartland.

With just five weeks to go before the snap election on 8 June, the latest poll from YouGov gave the Conservatives a 19-point lead over Labour (48% versus 29%). The estimate means the Tories are set for a landslide, with May expected to secure a majority of more than 100 seats in the House of Commons.