US-based machine learning oriented fashion company Wearable X has developed new-age yoga pants that have in-built artificial intelligence (AI) to help perfect yoga postures.

The NadiX yoga pants that will cost a whopping $300 (£253) have five sensors sewn in to improve posture for 30 popular yoga poses. The sensors automatically vibrate to alert the user to adjust their concerned body part like hips, knees or ankles to practise the correct posture.

"The point of the product isn't to say there is a right and a wrong pose," Billie Whitehouse, the CEO of Wearable X, told CNN. "It isn't black and white. This is just about highlighting those micro muscles that you could be thinking about -- that you don't even know exist," she added.

Realising that not all yoga practitioners can attain the same level of perfection, the sensors can be adjusted based on difficulty. The operation of these sensors can be adjusted through a smartphone app that connects the pants to the device via Bluetooth just like fitness trackers.

Originally manufactured in Sri Lanka, these pants can be washed in any regular washing machine after removing a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 90 minutes on a single charge.

WearableX has in the past developed some out-of-the-box clothing concepts that include vibrating underwear for long-distance lovers to a shirt that uses haptic vibrations so sports fans can "feel" players' emotions during a game.