Orwl PC
This pint-sized PC is fully prepared to destroy your data to keep it safe from hackers. Orwl

A new desktop PC is taking data security to the extreme by immediately hitting the self-destruct button at the first sign of any untoward tampering. As well as looking like a 007 gadget, the palm-sized Orwl PC also boasts the kind of security and privacy features that would make even James Bond boffin Q jealous.

Touted as the "world's most physically secure computer" by its maker, the ultra-secure disc comes loaded with security technologies used by banking companies to keep your encrypted data safe while in use. In fact, simply booting the Orwl PC up requires the user to go through three security check: Two-factor authentication, a password, and a physical key.

The key in particular showcases the Orwl's security chops. Should you walk more than 10 metres away from it, the mini PC will enter full lock-down by disabling access to its USB and HDMI ports and powering down the processor.

To restart the Orwl you'll be needing that key as each carries a unique code that unlocks the PC using NFC connectivity. However, should all else fail, the Orwl is more than willing to sacrifice all of your hard drive's files in the name of security.

'This PC will self-destruct in five seconds'

In the event that your Orwl falls into the hands of a malicious attacker hoping to physically break into the device, a set of tamper-monitoring sensors will kick in and wipe the SSD's encryption key - effectively destroying your personal data forever. These kill-switch sensors include motion, temperature and shock monitors.

On the software side, the Orwl can also be pre-configured with the security-focused Qubes OS (standard options include Windows, Linux and Ubuntu), as well as secure boot and secure firmware update features.

Powered by Intel sixth-generation Skylake processors, the Orwl comes in four variants, with two specifically targeting government or military organisations. The standard retail versions are expected to ship in mid-August, start from $1,699 (£1,311), and are available in either glass or plastic finishes.