Wondering when will your favourite family drama "This Is Us" return in the post-coronavirus lockdown era? Well, while there is no information about its return, we definitely know what's coming next on the series.

Series creator Dan Fogelman has confirmed a major storyline for "This Is Us" season 5 starring Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley. The season 3 of Golden Globe-winning drama concluded in March and fans have been eagerly waiting to see the new installment. However, the coronavirus lockdown has delayed the production and postponed the release of highly anticipated season 5.

Showrunner Fogelman took to Twitter to respond to questions of a fan.

"So many questions. When will @NBCThisisUs go back to production? When will new episodes be on our TV? Will the writers address Covid in present day? @Dan_Fogelman Is the planned show ending the same in light of events?," asked twitter user Dema Hanna.

Answering the questions, Fogelman said that there is no confirmed date for the beginning of production of "This Is Us" season 5. He also revealed that the air date for the new episodes is yet to be decided too. Therefore, fans may have to wait longer than they had expected to see new episodes.

Nevertheless, he confirmed that the show is set to feature a storyline inspired by the COVID pandemic.

"Some vague #ThisIsUs answers (sorry)

- Not sure yet on production start.

- Not sure when new eps will air.

- Yes on Covid. We've decided to attack things head on. Very proud of @ThisIsUsWriters

- Same planned ending. Same route to get there.

Hope that's (somewhat) useful?" Fogelman wrote.

This Is Us
A still from This Is Us season 2 NBC

The fourth season of the series concluded with "Strangers: Part Two" featuring massive time-jumps. Fans were introduced to two new characters, a man named George and a woman named Hailey. In the final moment, we witnessed the birth of Jack and Lucy's baby girl Hope. It turns out Hailey is Kate and Toby's son and Hailey's brother.