As the world continues to go mad for the ever-evolving gaming phenomenon that is Pokémon and the latest mobile game, Pokémon Go, people are using the game to bring people out of augmented reality and back into issues still being faced by people around the world.

The daily struggles of life for those in Syria were told through the mock-ups of Syrian graphic artist Saif Aldeen Tahhan; while pictures of children holding up pictures of pokémon with messages underneath saying "I'm in Syria, come rescue me."

Now activist group, The Worldwide Tribe, have taken the game to refugees living in Calais's notorious Jungle camp, to show them how to play and see what they think. In the video, most of the camps' occupants shown the game seem to enjoy it - with one saying "we have not pokémon here because in the jungle we only have mouse" and another calling the game "wonderful."

The Worldwide Tribe describe their mission as " to highlight the humanity behind world issues, inspire global community and leave a legacy of positive, social change". The group says their name comes from their desire to connect the world in "one community of international citizens."

The refugee in the video describes one of the often forgotten factors of camp life - there isn't much to do: "just read books and ride the bike," he says, "no more things to do here."

"These refugees have suffered an indescribable amount," say the group, "they have lost loved ones, they have been targeted by terrorists and dictatorial governments, and are now living under dire conditions and prohibited from working."

At the end of the video they say "if pokémon can cross borders... why can't a refugee?"