Queen Elizabeth II
Henry believes the rightful successor to the throne is a man named Francis Justin Tallis/ AFP

Last night a woman sought solace on the internet over her boyfriend's "esoteric, somewhat incomprehensible, and frankly bizarre" obsession with the monarchy. Her plea for help has since sparked a debate as to whether Henry is a complete "nutter" or someone everyone wants to meet.

Henry, she claimed, goes on and on about the monarchy to the point that "friends at dinner will be discussing normal, contemporary political issues, and he will interject and go on some tangent about how this all relates to "King John's submission to Papal authority in 1213", she wrote in a post on Reddit.

She added he recognises no monarch since James II, saying "some guy called Francis" is the only real successor. He believes he is the rightful king of Greece and France and doesn't vote as "he has no desire to assist his monarch in their choice of servants".

The top comment was: "I am absolutely fascinated with this man and I would talk to him for HOURS. I am a neuropsychologist so that's probably not a good sign..."

One user recently replied: "Is your boyfriend Jacob Rees-Mogg?"

Due to the bizarre nature of the post, IBTimes UK contacted the author to verify that it is indeed real. We are waiting for their response.

Whilst some were desperate to meet him, others were completely disgusted by the story. One user said: "I'm British and it saddens me that classist views are deemed acceptable. We've made progress on sexism and racism but the belief that some people are inherently superior and deserve more and others inferior and deserve less based solely on who they were born to is apparently no big deal."

Another said: "Do you think maybe being the first boy in his line who won't have some sort of title might have fostered some sort of inferiority complex in him?"

As for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's recent engagement, she despaired at his reaction.

"He expressed disgust at... [it]. I pressed him as to why (I was slightly worried it was racist in nature) and he said both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are commoners who have no business marrying royalty, then made some remark about the Royal Family being a "ghastly bunch of arriviste Germans anyway, so I suppose it doesn't matter."

An arriviste is defined as an ambitious or ruthlessly self-seeking person.

The phrase "arriviste Germans" particularly set some people off.

Friends are left speechless after he speaks, meaning he thinks he's won any debate they have, she said. She added that Henry is part of the "old-fashioned English upper class"- his grandfather has a title - and went to a famous public school.

She finished with a plea for help with how to make him more aware of his behaviour and to better understand him. Either way, it seems he has no shortage of fans.