Claire Glatman's holiday to Corfu, Greece with her family and friends came to a tragic end. On Monday, August 31, the woman was swimming in the waters off the Avlaki beach when she was struck by a speedboat. The boat absconded from the spot instead of offering to help the crash victim. Even though the victim was eventually taken to a hospital, her injuries were too severe for her to recover. Police are investigating the incident and have detained three British nationals for questioning.

Claire and her husband, Mark Glatman, spend a good portion of their year on the island and even own a villa there. The 60-year-old mother of four was vacationing with her husband and one of her daughters after travel restrictions to Greece were lifted. On Monday, the woman from Bedale, North Yorkshire went for a morning swim in the morning with a friend near Avlaki beach.

Witnesses claim that the woman had swum a few hundred meters away from the shore. A speedboat with a water skier in tow went over Claire. After running over the woman, the boat was seen changing direction and heading out into the open sea. The friend of the victim avoided being injured but Claire was severely injured by the propeller of the boat.

According to Corfu Press, a rental speedboat operator witnessed the incident from the shore and went out to help the woman. Coast Guard arrived at the spot after an emergency call was made. At around 10 am local time, Claire was put on the Coast Guard vessel and taken to the port of Imerolia. From the port, an ambulance took the injured woman to a hospital in Corfu. However, by the time she reached the hospital, the victim had succumbed to her injuries.

The propeller cut into a critical artery which is believed to have led to the victim bleeding to death. However, post mortem reports are being awaited, for the official cause of death. The family lawyer identified Claire's body as Mark was too traumatised at the time.

Arillas Beach, Corfu
Woman dies after being run over by speedboat in Corfu. (representational image)

Since the incident, three British youths have been detained by the police for questioning. All three have family villas on the island. The boat believed to be involved was found abandoned by the police. The investigation into the death continues.