Kent Murder
Charlie White and Alex Macdonald, two of the men found guilty of murder. Kent Police

Two 19-year-olds and a 20-year-old have been found guilty of beating a homeless Romanian man to death after finding him sleeping rough in the Loose Valley Conservation Area near Maidstone, Kent.

Charlie White and Alex Mcdonald, both 19, were found guilty of murder. The jury, consisting of eight women and four men, also decided that 20-year-old Jimmy Buckley, who had been deemed unfit to plead to murder, "did the act".

Maidstone Crown Court were told (via Kent Online) that the three men had committed the act on 6 May 2017 after going out in an effort to steal a lawnmower.

While out they found the victim, 21-year-old Razvan Sirbu, and carried out the attack. Sirbu's body was found the next morning. A post-mortem determined that he died from "blunt force trauma".

They found fractures to the skull and facial bones, as well as broken ribs and other injuries.

Judge Jeremy Carey said after the unanimous verdict was delivered: "These defendants have been convicted of murder on what I judge, and you [speaking to the jury] plainly judge, as the clearest evidence.

"This was a brutal sustained attack on a defenceless young man who meant no harm, posed no threat and simply wished to be left alone in his tent.

"It was a shameful senseless act of mindless brutality which ended in death and leaves in its wake a grieving mother and the community in and around Maidstone, who as right-minded and law-abiding people, will have a deep and abiding sense of horror and regret that such an event could have occurred in their town.

"I include in that category those good people who did their best to help him in the days before his murder when living rough in Maidstone."

Sirbu had been sleeping rough in the area since 24 April and was given a tent from a homeless charity about a week later. He pitched up in the same place but was asked by a resident to move on. He then settled nearby in the conservation area on 5 May.

Speaking to the jury, Judge Carey said: "For you, it was no doubt an often gruelling experience. You have had to listen to evidence you would not have wished to see. You will have in your minds, no doubt for a long time the events and the narrative you have listened to day by day.

"You get no counselling and you rely on the support of those in your family knowing you have done your duty."

Judge Carey will sentence the three men on Tuesday.