Jefferson, pictured here with the Brazilian Police who helped recover his car. Jefferson / Facebook

A Brazilian international footballer had his Range Rover stolen by a gang of carjackers who forced him to kneel at gunpoint.

Goalkeeper Jefferson de Oliveira Galvão, known internationally as Jefferson, was left unharmed in the incident in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday (22 October).

CCTV captured the moment the 34-year-old Botafogo player was accosted by armed men as he was driving his black Range Rover to training.

A silver car can be seen pulling up in front of him and stopping while two men with guns jump out and race towards his vehicle.

One man goes to the goalkeeper's door and ushers him out of the vehicle and onto his knees with a gun pointed directly at his head.

A third man jumps into the driver's seat seemingly abandoning the silver car they arrived in and all three robbers jump in the Range Rover and drive off while the sports star is left on his knees on the pavement.

In a Facebook post written by the goalkeeper, he revealed that police recovered the Range Rover during a raid late on Sunday night.

"I've sadly become another victim of the violence that ravages our city," Jefferson wrote.

"I was on my way to training with Botafogo when I was overpowered by armed men who intended to steal my car and my belongings.

"God gave me the calmness to deal with the dangerous situation, and thanks to Him I did not suffer any violence.

"They took my material goods, but the most important thing is that I'm okay and all that was just a big scare. Sad for the situation we live in Rio de Janeiro.

"I hope that episodes like this don't happen to anyone. Thank you to everyone who cared and sent me messages of affection."

The goalkeeper, who has been capped 22 times for Brazil, updated his social media account on Tuesday with pictures of the police officers who conducted the raid offering his thanks.