British astronaut Tim Peake has shown how to brew a coffee in space in a new video filmed from the International Space Station (ISS).

In the video, published to YouTube by the European Space Agency (ESA), the 43-year-old former army major shows how he does it aboard the space station. A coffee with cream and sugar substitute mixture is stored in protective foil pouches, the packet is then attached to a machine and filled with hot water, before it can be drunk through a straw.

Whilst not an ideal way to get a morning caffeine fix, the ISS does now boast its own espresso machine, designed by Italian coffeemaker Lavazza and delivered to the station in April 2015.

Peake blasted off to the ISS as part of a six-month mission for the ESA in December 2015, becoming the first Briton in space since Helen Sharman travelled on a Soviet spacecraft for eight days in 1991 and the first to do so under a British flag.

He conducted a spacewalk on 15 January to replace a failed voltage regulator that compromised one of the station's eight power channels, but it was cut short early when fellow astronaut Tim Kopra reported a leak in his spacesuit helmet.