The League dating app
New dating app The League, created by Stanford MBA Amanda Bradford, only accepts users who are 'kind of a big deal' LinkedIn

An elitist dating app aimed at "over-achievers" seemingly incapable of getting a date by themselves has racked up more than 75,000 people on to its waiting list.

The League, thought up by Ivy League graduate Amanda Bradford, operates on an invite-only basis and hand-picks each user based on either their education, employment or accomplishments.

"You're smart, busy and ambitious. You don't need a dating app to get a date - you're too popular as it is," The League's website states, before counter-intuitively adding: "But you should join The League."

The app is only available for around 5,500 beta users in San Francisco but Bradford is in the process of rolling it out across other cities based on demand.

Bradford has criticised popular dating app Tinder for being "designed by men, for men to creep more efficiently".

New members are only able to join if they pass the app's strict vetting process or are invited personally by a friend who is already a member.

The exact details of the vetting process are unclear, though it is strict enough for fewer than 4% of applicants to succeed in being accepted.

"We designed The League to cater to the needs of all of us crazy-busy, hard-working city peeps," Bradford wrote in a blogpost in December. "My last two relationships were with people I met through college and work.

"It's clear that being part of a community full of ambitious, motivated people provides a common bond that allows two people to instantly connect."

In January, the app raised $2.1m (£1.4m) in venture funding from Silicon Valley investors and will soon be launching in Los Angeles and New York.