Davos 2016: Future of the Chinese economy and more programs on Day 2 of the WEF
Participants at Davos 2016 include Leonardo DiCaprio, Bono Will.i.am, David Cameron, George Osborne and John Kerry Reuters

As the financial markets slump across the world, in response to the slowdown in China and declining oil prices, business and political leaders at the 46th World Economic Forum are expected on 21 January to discuss, notably, the Chinese economy.

That programme on where the Chinese economy is heading, in partnership with Bloomberg Television, has as speakers IMF chief Christine Lagarde, Jiang Jianqing, chairman of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, and Zhang Xin, co-founder of SOHO China Limited.

So what else is on the agenda on Day 2 (21 January) of Davos 2016?

  • The Future of Europe, a discussion on how the region can rebuild and reinforce the pillars of its union after facing political polarization, economic fragmentation and security threats. Speakers include French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, his Netherlands counterpart Mark Rutte, and Alexis Tsipras, the Greek premier.
  • Press conference with ministers of finance and trade of Indonesia
  • Eurasia and the Modern Silk Road, a discussion on the New Silk Road development project, which encompasses an area that produces about 55% of global GDP and has about 75% of known energy reserves.
  • Future-Proofing Global Finance , a presentation on the regulatory reforms that can avert future shocks?
  • A briefing on the Tunisian Revolution and lessons for the world from the same
  • Africa's Next Challenge, a discussion on how the Fourth Industrial Revolution will impact Africa
  • A briefing on the degree and breadth of gender gaps across key industries and possible remedies for the same
  • A "Glocal" Approach to Sustainable Development, a presentation on widespread innovation at the local level driven by best practices and new technologies shared globally – "glocalization".
  • A discussion on reuniting Cyprus
  • Turkey's global role
  • A discussion on how to reboot the global economy
  • A conversation with Jack Lew, US Secretary of the Treasury, on global financial priorities in 2016
  • A discussion on the future of education, developed in partnership with Swiss TV
  • A press conference with Stefan Löfven, the Swedish prime minister

The ongoing Davos 2016 will run until 23 January. Participants include celebrities such as actor Leonardo DiCaprio, rock legend Bono and rapper Will.i.am and leaders such as David Cameron, George Osborne, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.