The title for "Lucifer" Season 5, Episode 3 has fans guessing about the Devil's return to Los Angeles. Coincidentally, Tom Ellis also hinted at his character's return to the human world through a behind-the-scenes photo.

Writers for the Netflix series took to Twitter to reveal the title for the third episode, which is "Diablo." The writers previously hinted at the monicker with a word that starts with a letter D and has six letters. Fans' guesses ranged from "Decker, " "Douche," "Demons," "Doomed," and "Desire" among others.

Some say this day would never come... But here it is, 503 title clue. One word. 6 letters. D😈☺️🤔😋🤗 #LuciferSeason5 #Lucifer

— Lucifer Writers Room (@LUCIFERwriters) September 24, 2019

🔥😈🔥!! Is Lucifer going by a new name, @MikeCosta ??🤔 Or going to Mexico? 🇲🇽 #LuciferNetflix #Lucifer

— Lucifer Writers Room (@LUCIFERwriters) September 28, 2019

"Lucifer" Season 5, Episode 3 is directed by Claudia Yarmy from a screenplay by Mike Costa, who also wrote the premiere for Season 4 titled "Everything's Okay." The episode saw Chloe reuniting with Lucifer after the events in the Season 3 finale, when she saw his devil face and learned about Pierce's true nature.

Now ,"Diablo" could mean many things for the series. It can simply refer to Lucifer himself or something else entirely. Fans guessed though, that it has something to do with Ella finally finding out the truth about Chloe's partner. She will find out that Lucifer is really the devil.

"I am 100% ready for this episode to be about Ella learning the truth, being shocked for exactly one second, then giving #Lucifer the biggest hug ever while staring angrily up at the Big Guy!" one fan wrote.

I want them both to find out before the end of the show 😂 Something tells me Ella would take it much better than Dan.

I could also see Ella saying this in a non serious way... Or it's nothing to do with the main characters... Maybe Luci does got to Mexico 🤣

— Scarlett | 😈 (@Volta1228) September 28, 2019

Coincidentally, Ellis, who plays the titular character, shared a behind-the-scenes photo from "Lucifer" Season 5 on his Instagram. He shared the snap on Sept. 28, the same day when the writers revealed the Episode 3 title.

The photo shows Lucifer standing at an all-too-familiar balcony, as he stares off into the distance. The balcony is where Season 4 left off, with Chloe telling Lucifer that she loves him before he left her to return to hell. Ellis' photo definitely hints at the devil's return to Los Angeles earlier in the season.

The secret of the long faraway look 😅😅😅😍 posted by #TomEllis on Instagram.
😂😂😂❤️#Lucifer #Lucifans #MyLoveWillNeverDie #LuciferSeason5

— TomEllisIsrael (@TomEllisIsrael1) September 28, 2019

Fans still have a long wait before they see the show back on Netflix. Filming just started early in September for a 16-episode season. In the meantime, viewers can rely on the writers and co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich for the episode titles and some behind-the-scenes photos from "Lucifer" Season 5.

Tom Ellis reprises his character as Lucifer Morningstar in the Netflix TV show "Lucifer." Lucifer/Fox