Tom Payne shared his experience auditioning for the role of Simon Basset a.k.a. the Duke of Hastings on "Bridgerton" during Tuesday's interview on "Defend Yourself."

The "Prodigal Son" star laughed as he recalled the role that got away in the new YouTube interview series from People. He said he read for the role of "the big heartthrob hunk guy." Sadly, he did not meet the height requirement for the part.

"I mean basically if I go for any of those parts where it's supposed to be 'all the girls fawn over you' they're like...I'm not tall enough guys. It's not gonna work out," he explained.

"I'm not that guy. You can't walk into the room and look up at anyone. It's just not going to work for that kind of character," Payne, who is reported to be five-foot-six, said of the Duke of Hastings' character.

The role went to the 31-year-old English and Zimbabwean actor Regé-Jean Page. He is reported to be five inches taller than Payne at five-foot-eleven.

Despite not becoming a part of "Bridgerton," Payne revealed his close connection to the Shonda Rhimes-produced period drama. He said the show filmed in Bath where he is from.

"So there are locations in 'Bridgerton' which are still there, which you can go and look at and marvel at. And it's very nice to see my hometown onscreen," he explained.

In the same interview, the 38-year-old English actor admitted that he has not seen "The Crown" but has seen "Bridgerton." He explained that the former is a serious show for him as it revolves around the lives of the members of the British royal family.

"Bridgerton" on the other hand is a light watch. Payne said he finds it entertaining since it also has modern music. He called it "an Americanised version of England" that is a "bit more TV liked." He described "The Crown" as the most British because the royal family are the "most British."

Payne may not have landed the lead role of the Duke of Hastings in "Bridgerton," but he plays a major role in the Fox crime series "Prodigal Son." He portrays Malcolm Bright, a criminal profiler and son of serial killer Martin Whitly, played by Michael Sheen.

Tom Payne
Tom Payne as Malcolm Bright in the Fox series "Prodigal Son." Prodigal Son/Fox