Toni Nadal threw more light on his coaching relationship with Rafael Nadal after revealing earlier in the year that he will not be travelling with his nephew on a full-time basis from 2018.

It brings to an end a 27-year coaching partnership which has yielded 14 Grand Slam titles. Toni revealed that he will spend more time at the Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy which opened its doors in October last year.

It was reported earlier that the 56-year-old decided to step back from Nadal's coaching setup owing to his limited participation in the decision-making process, but Toni denied making such statements. The former world number one's coach also revealed that he will continue to coach the Spaniard when he is not on tour and could even travel in case his other coaches Carlos Moya and Francis Roig are unable to do so.

"I was with Magnus Norman, Wawrinka's coach. They asked Norman: 'Who decides on how to plan practice sessions?' Norman said: 'The player'. And I said the same thing, adding: 'My case is different, because I have been with Rafael for a lifetime'," the senior Nadal said, as quoted by

"When he was little, I decided everything. But when Rafael grew up, other people were involved. His father, his agent... I said: "It's normal". I do not care about numbers, I don't know how much it is to go to a tournament, nor I know the relationship with the press. The press officer handles it, for example. That's all what I said. My job in tennis is to develop the player. Anyone can coach Djokovic, Federer, Murray or Rafael.

"It's obvious that despite you decide less, things can go well. And then I said the truth. Rafa is well followed by Francis (Roig) and Carlos (Moya). I like being in the academy more than anything. And that's all. Then if next year Rafael asks me to be with him in Monte Carlo or Paris, I will accept. Or if others won't be there, I will," the 56-year-old explained.

"Like always nope, because travelling means to be more coaching. It's not the same to spend with Rafael two weeks per year than 22. So when he will be home I will keep training him like I have been doing this year."

Nadal understands the reasons behind his uncle's decision to take a step back and has wished him the best in his endeavours at the academy. The Spaniard is currently playing at the BNP Paribas Masters at Indian Wells and faces a fourth round clash against Roger Federer on Wednesday (15 March).