With just weeks left in 2017, the decision has been made to crown the best memes and GIFs of the year.

Tenor has officially ranked the top five GIFS shared in 2017, along with the four most popular memes. And while none of them should surprise you, it's important to remember that's the point.

So if you're feeling excited, smug or even sad, there is a GIF in the top five for you.

1. Guy Blinking

You've definitely seen him before, that little "oh really?" GIF that gets sent around for bafflement:

2. Baby Crying

When you're just downright sad about something, look no further than Baby Crying.

3. Jonah Hill Yay

Straight out of Get Him to the Greek, Jonah Hill Yay is the perfect GIF for anyone overly excited.

4. Shaq laughing on SB Nation

Anyone familiar with Shaq - which is probably most people - knows how much of a joker he can be. And apparently, he likes having a good laugh as well.

5. Obama "oh yeah"

He may not be living in the White House any more, but people still love Barack Obama. He pulls off a smug "oh yeah" with incredible style.

Top memes of 2017

Not to be outdone, there were some fantastic memes rolling across the internet in 2017. Here's the top four, according to Tenor:

1. Think about it

What a great start for memes in 2017. The think-about-it guy kicked off around February and remained highly used for the entire year.

2. Salt Bae

Just about every friend you have tried to mimic Salt Bae and one point. You'd expect those glasses would have sold well, too.

3. Cash me outside

Believe it or not, the "cash me outside, howbowdah" girl only debuted on Dr Phil in January. It feels like Danielle Brigoli has been all over our internet feed for years.

4. Trump draws

It's almost impressive that Trump has only appeared in the top GIFs and memes once for 2017. He opened himself up to ridicule when he showed off signed documents in regards to a travel ban. People were quick to photoshop in children's drawings.