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Egypt in Crisis: Not Yet Ready for Democracy?

On 18 August 2013, General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi appeared on Egyptian state television calling the unrest, verging on civil war, which the world has been witnessing since the overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi on 03 July, "terrorism"

Will Mali Vote in Presidential Elections on 28 July? The Tuaregs Could Hold the Key.

Another Bastille Day (14 July) over and this year's pride of place in the military march past went to detachments of the French, Malian and other West African Army forces which had saved Mali from imploding and falling into the hands of Islamic extremists in January 2013. Troops from 13 African nations that had supported France's Opération Serval in Mali, participated in the parade. The United Nations soldiers in their blue berets were led by Mali's Colonel Elisée Jean Dao. The countr...


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