A British glamour model has been forced to deny she was the UK's incoming prime minister, after numerous people mistakenly congratulated her on winning the race to number 10.

Teresa May, who tweets at @RealTeresaMay, changed her bio to add that she is "not the Prime Minister" after a number of twitter users mistook her for the soon-to-be UK PM Theresa May.

It may have come as a surprise for some of those users, then, to see that Teresa's pinned tweet offers topless, signed selfies.

Along with the selfies, Teresa's website includes tabs for 'Worn panties/Thongs/Bras' and 'My Sexy Modelling Book'.

The glamour model also tweeted that she found the situation "quite amusing" and that it "just shows how ignorant some people are". Though, she did retweet other accounts who seemed to be in on the joke.

The other Theresa May (with an 'h'), became de facto UK Prime Minister on Monday after her only challenger left in the race to be leader of the Conservative Party, Andrea Leadsom, dropped out.

Currently the Home Secretary, May said she was "honoured and humbled" to be chosen, adding that she wanted "a country that works not just for the privileged few but for everyone of us".