Spurs player Christian Eriksen slammed rumours that his teammate, Jan Vertonghen, has an affair with his partner, Sabrina Kvist. Eriksen took to social media to address the gossip and call it "bulls**t."

Eriksen claims that the alleged affair between his girlfriend and Vertonghen did not result in a dressing room bust-up and is a ridiculous rumour. He also rejected the claims that Spurs team captain Harry Kane had to get involved in the locker room to bring things under control.

All of this started when @CasualMind posted on Twitter and spoke about the Spurs' humiliating 2-7 defeat in the hands of Bayern Munich. The tweet claimed that such an unprecedented defeat, at home for Tottenham, was caused by the rising tension inside the Spurs dressing room because of the affair. However, the Tottenham star didn't miss an opportunity to ridicule the theory.

Eriksen replied to the tweet and called #bulls**t on the bold claim. Vertonghen followed suit by replying to Eriksen with a series of emojis, which includes a heart.

Christian Eriksen
Unsettled Spur: Christian Eriksen's future at Tottenham remains in doubt AFP / Daniel LEAL-OLIVAS

Eriksen has been in a relationship with Kvist since 2012 and they are parents to one child, Alfred. Their son was born last year. Although they aren't married yet, Casual Mind mistakenly called Kvist Eriksen's wife.

The internet is also flooded by other rumours that claim that Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino might leave Tottenham next summer to join Real Madrid CF. Further claims were made saying that the Spurs coach would take Kane and Eriksen along with him to the Santiago Bernabeu.

According to the Telegraph, the tweet read, "Jan Vertonghen caught sleeping with Christian Eriksen wife. Harry Kane got involved, big dressing room bust-up. Club refusing to offer Vertonghen a new contract. Eriksen was due to join Real Madrid but personal reasons stopped the deal."

The tweet also claimed that half of the team aren't communicating with each other. In fact, Casual Mind further claimed that Eriksen isn't in a good state of mind to play. Significantly, the tweet was accompanied by a picture of Vertonghen with a black eye. As of now, the tweet has already been removed from the social media platform.

The black eye implies an injury caused during the alleged dressing-room brawl. However, there isn't any concrete evidence that could establish that the injury was not caused by an injury on the pitch or elsewhere.