Tottenham Hotspur player Son Heung-min was shown a red card a few days ago for committing a foul that resulted in Andre Gomes' injury. However, the latest reports state that an independent regulatory commission upheld a claim of wrongful dismissal. This means Son will be able to play in Tottenham's next three domestic matches.

Last Sunday, in a game between Everton and the Spurs, Gomes suffered a fractured dislocation of the right ankle. The injury happened after Son tackled him in the 79th minute. The Everton midfielder got heavily injured and the Tottenham star was sent off.

Son was shown a red card because of the severe damage that Gomes experienced because in the incident. A significant development took place when Son's dismissal was overturned on appeal.

Son Heung-Min
Son Heung-Min Getty Images

Son initially appeared to have been shown a yellow card by referee Martin Atkinson as a result of the tackle. However, later the Spurs forward was directly shown a red card, which enabled the club authorities to appeal the FA's initial decision. Recently an Independent Regulatory Commission assessed Son's case and agreed it was wrongful dismissal. As a result, Son's red card is now overturned.

Son will no longer miss the next three Premier League matches for Tottenham. According to the Guardian, Mauricio Pochettino lamented how the rescinding of the card wouldn't bring back the two points that the Spurs dropped. The Tottenham manager earlier claimed that his team was in charge of the match until the time they were playing with 10 men. As soon as Son was sent off, the runners-up of last year's UEFA Champions League conceded an equaliser.

Sources claim that Harry Kane couldn't bear looking at André Gomes' horrible injury. The Tottenham striker deliberately avoided all photographs and any footage. It seems that the entire football fraternity is shocked by the event and nearly all players understand that they could have been victims of a similar injury.

Kane wished Gomes a speedy recovery and made it clear that his thoughts and prayers are with Gomes. He said, "I don't think they showed the replay anyway. But I've tried not to watch any replays [subsequently] or look at any pictures. When you're a fellow professional it's the last thing you want to be watching. It looked horrendous and I wish André and his family the best of luck."

Kane and other Tottenham staff had to face an issue, which is the shaken mental state of Son and Aurier. They were deeply affected by the incident. The team will next play against Red Star Belgrade in a Champions League match on Wednesday night.