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Chloe Lewis recently shared a snap featuring her father and herself. But little did she know that the innocent photo would be called "weird" and "creepy" on social media. And now, the Towie star has been forced to defend the bikini image after the nasty comments.

The picture, which has been shared on Instagram, shows Lewis posing for the camera in a white cropped top and bikini bottoms while seated in between her father's legs on a sunbed. The father-daughter duo is seen rocking large dark shades while enjoying their holiday at an undisclosed beach.

Me & my papa ♥️

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The 27-year-old has clapped back at the haters for calling the snap inappropriate and said it is worrying to learn that people find the snap weird.

She shared the same picture of her with her father on her Instagram story to slam people who were not pleased with the snap just because she was wearing a bikini while seated close to her father.

"Can't believe the comments I have had on this picture. He is my dad. It worries me the people that find this weird. I think you need to take a look at yourselves and your relationship with your dads," she wrote over the picture. She added, "Love you dad."

Lewis had posted the original snap with the caption, "Me & my papa."

However, many of her followers did not like the picture and started posting negative comments about it. Some Instagram users even found the photo "disgusting".

"So sitting in between your father's legs with your butt pressed against his genitals... and his hand lingering on your hip is normal?" an outraged fan said, while another added, "I mean do what you want, but I would just be uncomfortable half naked sat between by dads legs with his hand on my thigh/bum."

While some fans were not pleased with the photo, many others defended her saying that there was nothing wrong with the picture.

"I think these comments are really just shining a light on the fact that so many men and women don't know the love and affection of a father. It's so sad what it says about society and family values," an admirer said, while someone else added, "God. Some people. As soon as I saw this I thought it must be her dad. I mean seriously, WTF?"