Fire technician
Fire technician reveals lucrative career path! Salary up to $200k, strong job market, but requires training (Certificate III). Pixabay

A Brisbane tradie or skilled manual worker, revealed his hefty salary to job-seeking app, Getahead, last week - surprising his interviewer. He said his job, a fire technician, which is unfamiliar to a lot of people, ranges from $120,000 to $200,000 annually, depending on his effort.

"I think my apprentice will make $80k this year. I do all the fire detection systems," he said.

The tradesman emphasised that his job as a fire technician is demanding in nature, and would require completing a four-year apprenticeship before securing the role but considers it well worth the investment. "We work everywhere. I've worked in the jails," he said. "You work in some cool, different spots."

True Nature Of The Job

Despite the high pay, the tradie acknowledged the difficulties of his job, admitting that things can definitely go south quickly. They can't just clock out and leave it if a system fails since there's a responsibility that comes with the high pay.

Fire technicians play a key role in installing and maintaining essential fire safety equipment, such as fire alarms, exit signage, extinguishers, hoses, reels, hydrants, and fire blankets. The tradie specifically highlighted the field's suitability for electricians seeking a career shift.

"There are heaps of jobs. If you're a 'sparky' (a person whose job is to put in and repair electrical wires and equipment) and want to get into it, call em," he said. "There are plenty of jobs going." The hefty salary revelation stunned many commenters, with one FIFO sparky admitting that they don't get that much.

Another commenter offered a counterpoint that the big salary makes sense considering the tradie works beyond regular hours. "He's travelling away doing 10-24 hour days. Night work plus on-call services," the commenter added.

"Sprinkler fire installer $380 a head. Six thousand heads at the site we're doing ATM," said a fellow fire tech.

How to Become a Fire Technician?

Data shared by Jobs and Skills Australia suggest around 4,100 fire technicians are employed across Australia. The median age in this profession is 40, and women comprise only four percent of the workforce.

According to Jobs and Skills Australia, Fire Protection Equipment Technicians perform the following key tasks:

  • Install, inspect, and maintain fire protection systems.
  • Analyse fire risks in buildings.
  • Test and maintain fire suppression systems.
  • Maintain compliance with fire safety regulations.

Additionally, some technicians may offer expertise in fire safety during the design and construction of buildings. By researching new fire prevention techniques and being informed about advancements in the field, they can recommend the latest solutions.

It's important to note that becoming a fire protection equipment technician typically requires a Certificate III in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing, obtainable from institutions like the Fire Industry Academy.

The Fire Industry Academy's Certificate III in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing requires either a minimum of 12 months' experience servicing fire protection equipment or relevant experience and skills in plumbing, electrical, or fire-related roles. This workplace-delivered course benefits from the direct guidance of industry experts.

In addition to fire protection, various skilled trades offer competitive compensation. A recent report, for example, highlights the growing demand for housekeepers in Palm Beach and South Florida. Likewise, many blue-collar jobs offer competitive salaries exceeding $60,000 for Americans.