Transformers 4
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The Transformers 5 movie is reportedly going to feature a beast war during the absence of Optimus Prime on Earth.

Rumours are abuzz that the highly anticipated live action movie may adopt the popular story arc of the Beast War from the transformers comics.

Fashion and Style speculates that the movie will focus on the war between the Maximals, the descendants of the Autobots and the Predacons, the descendants of the Decepticons.

While the Maximals turn into a rhinoceros, cheetah, rat and falcon and the eagle, the Predacons transform into venomous creatures including the scorpion, tarantula, wasp, black widow, and the cobra, the website reported.

The wild animalistic descendants of Autobots believe in peace and respect all life including humans on earth, while the Decepticon descendants are the bad ones that want to destroy every living thing on earth.

According to a report from Kdramastars, Galvatron, who was made with the brain of Megatron, is hunting for a powerful crystal called Energon.

The maximal exploration ship Axalon, led by Optimus Prime will battle with the forces of Megatron, resulting in time/space crisis.

The forces from both sides will be crash landed on a mysterious planet which is rich in raw Engergon and will start poisoning both the factions of the robots. This will prompt them to take organic animal forms to survive.

While there were many rumours about the next movie going outer space, producer Lorenzo de Bonaventura revealed that the saga will unfold on earth as it was in the Age of Extinction, the first movie in the trilogy of the live action movie, Enstarz reported.

With Michael Bay opting out of the popular franchise and rumours of Mark Wahlberg not coming back, the upcoming movie is still in jeopardy.

Transformers 5 is expected to be released in 2016.