Transformers Age of Extinction
Optimus Prime of Transformers Age of Extinction Paramount Pictures

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction is ruling the box office by crossing $100 million during the first week of its US release even though it was bashed by critics.

While Transformer fans are singing its praise they are also eager to know more about its upcoming sequel the Transformers 5.

Rumour mills are abuzz that the fifth instalment of the live-action Transformers film series may partially take place in outer space and in Cybertron, the planet of the peace loving Autobots and the dissident Decepticons.

Spoilers of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction ahead: Read at your own risk.

In Age of Extinction, Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots resurfaces from hiding to fight the evil Galvatron, a hybrid made of Megatron's brain.

Galvatron comes with an intention to destroy every living thing on earth but his mission gets a hit when Optimus with his Autobot army fights back and defeats the Dicepticons again.

The movie ends with Optimus Prime returning back to Cybertron.

Breathcast speculates that Transformers 5 may feature the journey of Optimus Prime into outer space to find 'The Creator,' the source behind the transformer species.

The Mark Wahlberg starrer movie may hit theatres with another sequel in 2016. But is still unclear if Michael Bay would continue his directorial journey with the transformer sequel or not.

Producer Ben Kendrick, however denied all such rumours about Bay quitting the franchise and a 2016 release.

"We have never discussed the idea of how to hand it off, honestly," Kendrick told Screenrant in an interview.

"It's not like we don't think, well what happens if Michael doesn't do it, of course you do. But we want to keep Michael on this, so we're not spending any time worrying about who could come in. We're trying to figure out how to keep him going and keep him excited. "

"It's an exhausting process to make these movies. The scale of them is so enormous. It really does tax everybody and our tendency is to finish one at a time, recover, and then begin talking," movie producer Lorenzo Do Bonaventura told Screenrant.