An 18-year-old transgender man tricked into travelling to his native India by his parents to be forcibly married to a man has been granted police protection by an Indian court. Shivy, who was born a girl, alleged that his parents took away his Indian passport and US green card after he came to India on 24 July.

"They took away my mobile phone and laptop even while we were in America, but I still never imagined then that our annual holiday to India in July would have any other motive," he told BBC. Shivy's parents discovered his relationship with a girl about four months ago, after which they told him they needed to visit an ailing grandparent in India.

Shivy, who was studying neurobiology in the US, was admitted to the Dayalbagh Educational Institute in Agra. "I was told to keep my mouth shut about my gender preference and sexual orientation," Shivy told The Indian Express. He also alleged that his parents were forcibly trying to marry him off to a man of their choice.

Shivy contacted the National Centre for Lesbian Rights in the US, which put him in touch with transgender activists and the support group Nazariya, who arranged for his legal counsel and shelter in Delhi after he ran away from Agra on 10 September.

In his court plea, Shivy had sought protection from his father and unknown men who posed as police officers and raided the residences of two activists. The plea also stated that there is a false complaint alleging kidnapping against members of the NGO Nazariya. Shivy, in his plea, said he wants his travel documents and a safe passage to the US.