Jordan Preshong
Jordan Preshong, 11, was found dead on Wednesday (27 December) after a sleepover at her neighbour’s home in northeast Philadelphia. Gofundme

Tributes have been paid to an 11-year-old girl who was found dead the morning after a sleepover at her friend's house in Pennsylvania.

Police say that Jordan Preshong most likely died from natural causes on Wednesday (27 December) after she spent the night at a neighbour's house in Angus Place, northeast Philadelphia.

It was reported that a friend of the girl told police she saw Preshong playing with her iPad around 1.30am before falling asleep.

Later that morning, the girl was found unresponsive and was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived.

Detective Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum, of Philadelphia Police, said "the findings are that it was most likely a natural death" according to Fox 29 News.

The force will now conduct an investigation into Preshong's death that has left her family and neighbours in shock.

"There was no sign of trauma or foul play. They have a couple tests; a neuropathology test and a toxicology test that we're waiting to come back," Lt. Rosenbaum added.

Police said she was found dead in a second floor bedroom inside the property. A search of the property gave no indications as to how she may have died.

Officers believe that it may take several weeks for the remaining tests to be completed by the medical examiner.

Local news reports say that Preshong comes from a tight-knit community with her neighbour Rachel Tidman saying her daughter often played with her right outside her front door.

"She was very generous. She would always take the time out to play with my little girl," Tidman said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with funeral arrangements which has generated over $14,000 (£10,400). A date is yet to be confirmed for her funeral.

Police have stated that arrangements are being made for grief counselling at Preshong's school to help classmates cope with her tragic death.