Travel website TripAdvisor reported an almost 10% increase in earnings in its first quarter results.

The quarter ended on 31 March with net income standing at $68m (£40m, €48.8m). Total revenue increased by 22% to $281m.

TripAdvisor, which was spun out of travel site Expedia in 2011, had almost 260 million monthly unique visitors in the quarter.

Some 74% of the company's revenue comes from click-throughs on adverts. This was up by 16%. Display-based advertising increased 28%, while subscription and other revenue increased 62%.

Steve Kaufer, president and CEO of TripAdvisor, said: "We eclipsed 150 million traveller reviews and opinions on more than four million businesses around the globe and it's our valuable content that helps users choose their accommodations, pick where to eat, and decide what to do while they are on a trip.

The site also saw 44% growth on the mobile side, with over 125 million users using TripAdvisor via tablet or smartphone in March.

TripAdvisor has adding five new websites internationally, acquiring travel sites to Austria, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa and Vietnam, and stretching its ambit over 39 countries.

The site's mobile traffic saw 44% growth, with over 125 million users visiting the site via their tablet or smartphone in March.

TripAdvisor has also announced its intention to buy online restaurant booking site lafourchette, which has over 12,000 restaurant partners across Europe.