True Blood Season 7
True Blood Season 7

The seventh and final season of True Blood premieres this Sunday, June 22, to eagerly-waiting fans who are also sad over the ending of the popular vampire series. What can fill the void that is left once the show ends?

Well, True Blood composer Nathan Barr has a very positive answer to that question -- he's working on a True Blood musical, Barr has told the Associated Press.

"This was something that I pitched to HBO and [show creator] Alan Ball," Barr revealed at the True Blood premiere in Los Angeles on 17 June, before the 22 June debut of the final season on HBO, reports Enstars.

As per the report, Barr stated that the musical would focus on Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin), but he's facing a challenge making the story more concise after so many seasons of the show.

"I think we're really going to try to return to the roots of the show," Barr said.

He continued to say that he hopes to get the show to a workshop stage a year from now. "There's no guarantees," Barr added. "But I think the direction we're heading in is really exciting."

The composer also went on to reveal that actor Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton on the show, helped him put together some samples of the True Blood musical for HBO and Alan Ball. Moyer was part of NBC's live version of the Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood.

Well, it remains to be seen how things take shape regarding the musical. Meanwhile, fans can look forward to a whole new and explosive season of True Blood.

"We're going back to the original premise of the show: Bill and Sookie," Buckner told TV Guide about the end of the show. "People are going to be very surprised about the way we get there."

True Blood Season 7 premieres this Sunday, June 22, on HBO.