During the final rally of his campaign Republican Donald Trump drew from Hollywood to rally his supporters and bookend his run for the White House.

"Today is our Independence Day," Trump said at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that lasted into the early hours Tuesday morning. "Today the American working class is going to strike back."

The line seemed to echo the call to arms made by actor Bill Pullman, playing the President of the United States in the 1996 sci-fi summer blockbuster Independence Day. "Today we celebrate our Independence Day," Pullman said to rally humanity to fight back against an alien race.

Trump spoke as Hillary Clinton's final rally partied in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, and the Obamas.

Trump said he doesn't need superstars to make his case to Americans. "All we need is great ideas to make America great again," he said.

Earlier in the night in New Hampshire Trump said he has the backing of two of New England's biggest sports starts — New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and the team's head coach Bill Belichick.

"Is there a better reference than Tom Brady and Bill Belichick?" Trump asked his supporters. "I don't think so."

Trump also took aim at Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, a big supporter of the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement against social and economic inequality. He called her a "terrible person," "a terrible human being," and poked fun at claims she made about being part Native American by calling her "Pocahontas."

In early voting in New Hampshire Trump took three precincts by a 32-25 margin over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

At her final campaign rally Clinton made the case that the election is "the test of our time."