Trump rally
Supporters of Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump jeer reporters during Trump's remarks to a campaign rally in Newtown, Pennsylvania, U.S. October 21, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

It is common knowledge that Republican nominee Donald Trump is not a fan of the media. Now, some of his supporters appear to have started using another term to insult members of the media: "lügenpresse".

The German term, which translates as "lying press", has a complicated history, with it once being used by the Nazis to discredit the media.

According to BuzzFeed News, it has recently be used by Germany's far-right anti-immigrant groups and reports that on Saturday (22 October), it was allegedly used by Trump supporters during a rally in Cleveland, Ohio.

BuzzFeed News reporter Rosie Gray reported that towards the end of the rally, a man approached the press pen and began shouting insults.

The unidentified man accused the press of being "bought and paid for" and were "in bed" with the Clintons.

Soon after, another man wearing a Make America Great Again walked over and yelled at the reporters that they were "lügenpresse". The first man followed suit. The press group was then moved out of the venue and headed towards the next rally, Gray reported.

Gray received an email from Richard Spencer, a white nationalist leader who is considered to be a leader of the alt-right, who explained the terms use among the supporters.

"I see 'lying press' and 'lügenpresse' all over the place," Spencer said. "It's typical Alt Right: serious... ironic... and with a sly reference to boot." He added the term had been used in American alt-right groups for "a year, at the least."

The term has been used frequently on Twitter with the hashtag #lugenpresse used by alt-right Twitter accounts.

Trump's supporters have reportedly begun using another tactic to intimidate members of the press. Using the hashtag #TheList on Twitter and on 8chan's /pol/ forum, Alt-right Trump followers are sharing images of journalists with red X on their faces. Included in this list are prominent members of the media who his supporters believe are "thwarting American democracy and freedom."

Others have attempted to take the hashtag #TheList back by tweeting jokes such as: "For burning my tongue, and giving me indigestion (((hotpockets))) you are on #thelist."

According to BuzzFeed News, it includes journalists, politicians, activists and an elementary school principal. An account called Counter Globalist has since been suspended by Twitter.

Trump's campaign has not commented on either the use of "lügenpresse" or the creation of #TheList.