In actions described as 'truly disturbing' Donald Trump's administration has removed most references to climate change and a dedicated LGBT page from the White House website.

LGBT groups were quick to point out the page dedicated to championing the rights of the gay community had been removed, and a search on the White House website found no mention of LGBT people at all at the time of writing.

And in a development that will no doubt concerns members of the LGBT community, the page of the Labor Department's website entitled 'Advancing gay rights in the workplace' has also been removed.

In a twitter post, GLAAD (formerly the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation) compared the mentioned of LGBT people on the White House website when Obama took over compared to today.

It added in another post: "Today marks the beginning of a difficult chapter for many LGBTQ people in America. We won't stop fighting."

Environmental groups have also raised concerns over the remove of most references to climate change from the website.

The US director of the World Resources Institute, Sam Adams, said in a statement: "It's truly disturbing that one of the first actions by the Trump administration is to remove nearly all references to climate change from the White House website.

"This puts the new administration at odds with the vast majority of America's scientists, military community and business leaders on this issue.

"The website's lone climate reference is to eliminate the Climate Action Plan, which is a wholesale attack that flies in the face of common sense and would do harm to all Americans.

He added: "If President Trump wants to make America safer and stronger, he would do well to look into the science, data and other evidence that clearly shows that human-caused climate change is happening and poses a significant threat to American families, businesses and the economy."

The transition team did not immediately respond to a request from comment from IBTimes UK.