Bottles of Trump vodka removed from shelves in Israel. Lucas Jackson/ Reuters

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel has ordered a rogue batch of Trump Vodka to be taken off the shelves after some bottles were not officially labelled as kosher.

The golden bottles of Trump Vodka continue to be sold under licence in Israel as the tipple of choice during Passover in April, despite the product being discontinued in 2011 elsewhere in the world.

But in a statement earlier this week by the Chief Rabbinate, which rules over many aspects of Jewish life in Israel including the implementation of kosher laws, recalled the rogue batch of vodka bottles because it was not authorised.

The authority declared all bottles with the code L34211120 "should be removed from the shelves".

Trump Vodka is made from potato rather than grain, which makes it kosher to drink during the eight-day holiday in April.

The vodka was launched in 2006 and was marketed as "the world's finest premium" spirit that would "demand the same respect and inspire the same awe as the international legacy and brand of Donald Trump himself".

In 2013, a production error meant that some Trump Vodka sold in Israel was made from grain rather than potatoes or molasses. The Jerusalem Post reported bottles were then sold with warnings it might not be kosher-compliant.