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US President Donald Trump was schooled on the difference between council and counsel by Merriam-Webster  Reuters/Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool

US President Donald Trump was eagerly awaiting former acting attorney general Sally Yates' testimony before a Senate subcommittee regarding former national security adviser Michael Flynn's controversial relationship with Russia. Perhaps he was a little too eager, leading to an embarrassing typo in his tweet that followed. Now, Merriam-Webster has literally corrected him.

Trump tweeted about how the subcommittee should ask Yates who he fired, about "classified information" published by news outlets "soon after she explained it to WH council". Instead of "council" he should have said "counsel".

Almost two hours after Trump's tweet, Merriam-Webster's official Twitter account posted that although they were reluctant, they had to establish the difference between "council" and "counsel".

"Counsel: a lawyer appointed to advise and represent in legal matters, Council: an assembly or meeting for consultation or discussion," the publishing house, known for its world famous dictionaries, tweeted.

Trump noticed his mistake almost an hour later and deleted his original tweet and posted another one with the correct word, "counsel". It did not take long for Trump haters to troll the president, with many of them saying he should not be allowed to change his tweet even if it is not from the official POTUS account.

This is not the first time Trump has been trolled for typos in his tweets. In the past, he has spelt "unprecedented" as "unpresidented", "honoured" as "honered", "Denmark" as "Demakr" and even Prime Minister Theresa May's name as "Teresa May".


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