the truth about healthy eating
The Truth About Healthy Eating airs on BBC1 at 9pm Getty

We all want to know what the secret is to a long, disease-free and happy life. So that's exactly why Fiona Phillips has set out to dig out the real facts about health and diet and what we really should be eating – and it doesn't all come down to green smoothies that look less appetising than the algae growing in your garden pond.

The Truth About Healthy Eating is the last of three documentaries focusing on medical concerns, and will see Phillips team up with leading scientists to investigate how people can nibble their way to good health, unveiling a few surprises along the way.

The ever-rising fad of the 'superfood' will be put under the microscope as regular, everyday foods that do the same job will be divulged throughout the episode, and will save you a few bucks.

It will also test some of the best-selling 'health' drinks and supplements, and what benefits they really provide, along with an examination of popular antioxidant smoothies and if they really do what they say on the tin. Do detox diets really work? Thursday night's documentary will answer our queries on whether it's worth forking out on those pretty boxed teas and shiny packaged snacks aimed at 'clean eaters.'

Phillips tests the power of marketing by creating her own brand of mineral water, suggesting that fancy packaging might be fooling us gullible British consumers. The quest for the healthiest breakfast will also be trialled, with the presenter weighing up the pros and cons to a bacon and egg brekkie in comparison to cereal and fruit. Which one will be the healthiest for our bodies, we wonder? Phillips and her clan of scientists will have all the answers, we hope.