Transport for London (TfL) is warning that many Tube stations may not be open at all during the 9 January strike which has already affected millions of commuters, particularly the most frequently used stations in zone 1.

A TfL spokesman told IBTimes UK that as services started in the morning a clearer picture of which stations were operating would become more apparent and information would be given once it was available. TFL said around 60% of all stations are currently open across the network but at a severely affected service as of midday on 9 January.

London's Tube network has been running a severely reduced service since 6pm yesterday (8 January). Where lines have been running, customers are advised to complete their journeys by 6pm today (9 January).

Commuters are being told they should avoid travelling in peak times and wherever possible take advantage of the capital's bus and cycling network. If all else should fail, TfL has advised customers to walk.

Other transport networks in the capital: buses, the DLR, London River Services and the Overground are expected to be pushed to capacity during the strike and people who regularly use these services are being advised to plan their journeys because of overcrowding.

Both the London Overground, the DLR and the Tram are currently running good services. TfL has warned that while some major underground stations may be open from 7am the service may shift staff and all services are subject to last-minute change.