Turkey has fired more than 1,500 army personnel for allegedly having a hand in the recent failed coup attempt, a day ahead of a meeting of the Supreme Military Council. The meeting, which is set to take place later in the day on 28 July, will be attended by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim and the chief of Turkey's armed forces, Hulusi Akar.

Those discharged from service include high-ranking military officials such as 87 generals and 32 admirals. According to the state of emergency law decree published in the official gazette, cited by multiple news outlets, 1,684 military personnel were sacked on Wednesday, 27 July.

"This will be the first meeting of the Supreme Military Council after the coup attempt in Turkey," reads the statement. Discussions at the council are likely to be dominated by restructuring of the army.

Although the meeting usually takes place at a military office, the venue has been shifted to the prime minister's office in capital Ankara due to the significance of the meeting. Several key members of the council will not be participating in the meeting as they have been detained in relation to the coup. Unlike the routine three-day council, the meeting will last only one day this time.

This is in addition to the ongoing purge in which thousands belonging to several state-run institutions have been fired for their alleged association with the coup attempt on 15 July.

A three-month state of emergency was declared shortly after the coup attempt was crushed. As many as 8,100 suspects, who are in custody, including military personnel, judges and prosecutors, have already been charged and are likely to face trial soon.

As part of the crackdown, the Turkish government announced that dozens of media outlets are being shut down.