Twin Peaks Jeremy Lindholm
Actor Jeremy Lindholm in Twin Peaks, and in court being charged with second degree attempted murder. Showtime / KREM 2 News

An actor who appeared in a recent episode of David Lynch's cult Showtime series Twin Peaks, was arrested on Wednesday night (16 August) in Washington and charged with attempted second degree murder.

Jeremy Lindholm was arrested after beating his girlfriend with a baseball bat at a local business in Spokane, Washington. He attempted to escape pursuing police out of the business's back door but was caught.

Lindholm, 41, appeared briefly as the character Mickey in episode six of Twin Peaks revival The Return, which aired on 11 June in the US.

The New York Daily News reports that Lindholm had been arguing with his girlfriend of five years before she left to get him a drink.

When she didn't return, the actor got angry and went to find her at her work armed with a baseball bat.

A press release from Spokane Police Department states that CCTV footage at the business showed "an extremely violent assault perpetrated by Lindholm".

"After watching the video and taking statements into account, Officers felt that the victim's life was in danger, and there was information suggesting the intent of the suspect was to kill the victim," reads the statement.

The actor tried to evade police before surrendering when confronted in an alley. The unnamed girlfriend was taken to hospital with "non-life threatening injuries".

According to court documents, Lindholm said he did not intend to hurt the woman in question, adding that he wanted police to shoot him in front of her.

He is being held on a $100,000 (£77,500) bail.

Lindholm marked his appearance on Twin Peaks with a post on social media showing him posed in front of a television screen showing his brief scene alongside actor Harry Dean Stanton, who plays Carl Rodd.