Twitch Zelda

After Pokemon and Tetris, "Twitch Plays" has now moved onto a more complex title: The Legend of Zelda. Check out the live streaming of the game being played below. Get more details over here.

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While the idea is sure to sound rather impossible, gamers have actually managed to get quite far in the game at the moment. However, this is because of the availability of infinite health.

"The first four dungeons should be beatable without anything but bombs," reasons host Zach Gerlock. "If we somehow get further than that I will have to manually switch items when needed, which fortunately is only a handful of times."

No Start Button

Gerlock has removed the start button owing to the fact that the game's animation is rather long. The game's experience would be ruined if someone could keep hitting the Start button as players would be forced to spend a vast majority of their time in the menu.

However, the complex game is still playable because it has "infinite health, infinite bombs, and infinite arrows, so that's a big first step towards the possible."

How Does it Work?

Players "can enter commands for the game via chat. Commands are of the form up10, a button and the number of frames you would like it to be pressed for.

For Zelda, valid commands are up, down, left, right, a, and b.

Commands are case insensitive, the order does not matter, and the command may contain other gibberish, so '10 asdf down' is the same as 'down10.' For added chaos, any sentence containing "a" or "b" will execute a command as well.

Item Switching

The host has added that the he had to perform some hacks to get this new feature up and running. Players can equip items by simply typing into the chat. Valid commands include 'boomerang', candle, bow, bomb, meat, flute, and wand.

Do try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.