Twitch Plays Pokemon

During our last look at Twitch Plays Pokemon, thousands of players had pooled in their combined efforts and had managed to complete Pokemon Red despite an ocean of chaos, confusion and frustration.

One day after having managed this feat, the Internet joined hands to begin a journey with a Pokemon game from the next generation, Pokemon Crystal.

Players of the game have now managed to successfully beat all of the gyms in Johto, thereby allowing them to qualify for a shot at the one of the game's most important challenges on the Indigo Plateau, the 'Elite Four'.

Upon beating the elite four, players will then get to go to Kanto, where they will then try to beat eight Kanto gyms for eight badges, before finally making their way to Champion Red at the end.

After having named the character "AJDNNW", players picked one of the three startup options. They went with the water-type Totadile. By repeatedly using the Scary Face move, players able to quickly evolve the Pokemon.

Through their journey, more and more Pokemon were added onto the team. It now comprises of a level 23 Shuckle, a level 47 Pidegot, a level 32 Hoot Hoot, a level 37 Espeon, a level 28 Dratini (KT), and a level 56 Feraligatr.

At the time of writing of this report, the game has received over 46 million views, 240,000 plus hearts and is being played by about 8,300 people.

Recently, Twitch was talking about the potential to turn the game into a platform. Read more about that here.

Source: TwitchPlaysPokemon