Few topics get people in Britain and Ireland talking like the weather. Unless you've been living under a rock (and if you are, stay put) you will be aware of Storm Ophelia making its way towards the British Isles.

The ex-hurricane has lost some of its force as it moved north but meteorologists say that the storm still retains destructive power, with some gusts of wind reaching up to 150km/h.

Ophelia made landfall in Ireland at around 11am on 16 October with Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland feeling its force a few hours later.

The Met Office warned in a statement: "There is a good chance that power cuts may occur, with the potential to affect other services, such as mobile phone coverage.

"Flying debris is likely, such as tiles blown from roofs, as well as large waves around coastal districts with beach material being thrown onto coastal roads, sea fronts and properties. This leads to the potential for injuries and danger to life."

Needless to say, Twitter hasn't taken these grave warnings too seriously. Here are some of the best responses from tongue-in-cheek users:

The storm has also given people across the British Isles a whole new geographical perspective.

Strange goings-on have left some a bit troubled by the coming storm, which is somewhat reminiscent of 1950s horror films.

One user has illustrated that despite all the jokes, many are a little bit worried - even if they pretend they're not.

By Monday afternoon supplies were running low, time to run to the shops?

With all schools set to close, parents who thought they were rid of the kids now that term is underway realised they were in for a long day.

Conflicting advice and warnings have left some people (and educational institutions) perplexed about what to do next.