Hull shootout
Armed Humberside Police swoop on a blue Volkswagen Golf in the McDonald's car park in Hull Darren Woodhead / Twitter

Two men have been arrested after a shootout in a McDonald's carpark in Hull. A blue Volkswagen Golf had its windows shot out in broad daylight by two men who pulled into the restaurant at around 11.30am on 2 January.

Humberside Police have said that two people were inside the blue vehicle when it was shot at by two men in another vehicle, also a Volkswagen Golf, but in a grey colour. A McDonald's staff member phoned the police to tell them what had happened.

Although two arrests have been made officers are "continuing with all lines of enquiries" to locate the outstanding vehicle and the people travelling in the grey Golf.

As police arrived they swooped on the blue vehicle with their guns drawn. A shocked member of the public recorded armed officers approaching the car inside the car park of the restaurant which is situated in St. Andrews Quay.

No one was injured in the shooting but another person at the scene was said to have been in shock. The video (below) contains offence language.

Command Hub Supervisor at Humberside Police, Ian Walker, told the MailOnline: "We have patrols all over the place looking for these men. This is quite unusual for this area. Hull is a quiet little hole.

"We sent armed response units to the McDonald's as well as the police helicopter. At first, we didn't know where the shots had come from."

Humberside Police later revealed they "know the registration plate of outstanding vehicle and offenders". A Humberside Police spokesman said: "A blue Volkswagen Golf car which had two people inside the vehicle were fired at, resulting in the vehicle's windows being blown out by the shots."

The spokesman added: "Extensive police enquiries have already taken place and it is believed this is an isolated incident with the offenders and the victims known to one another. The scene remains closed for scenes of crime examination to continue and specialist officers continue to search for the outstanding vehicle and the occupants of the grey Volkswagen Golf.

"An outer cordon has been put in place around the scene of the firearms incident and firearms trained officers, the police helicopter, specialist police dogs and many other supporting departments of the police are in attendance, tracking down the offenders."