Tragedy has struck the families of several Argentina supporters after two deaths were confirmed and numerous injuries were reported stemming from the rowdy celebrations after the country's 2022 FIFA World Cup victory.

Argentina defeated France 3-3 (4-2 on penalties) on Sunday in Qatar, and the celebrations kicked off immediately after. Fans celebrated in Qatar itself, while others around the globe also had their own parties. Back in Argentina, millions of people flooded the streets to await the national team squad.

On Tuesday, a parade was organised in the centre of Buenos Aires where the players were meant to greet their fans from aboard an open-top bus. While the crowd looked hair-raising and impressive due to the sheer number of fans supporting the team, it soon became clear that it was a security nightmare.

According to The Sun, one reveller met his untimely demise after an Argentina flag that he had tied around his neck like a cape got caught in the spinning wheels of his motorbike. He crashed to the ground and the flag choked him to death as it got eaten up by the wheel.

The 22-year-old man was identified as Sebastian Oscar Maciel, and he unfortunately passed away almost instantly after the freak accident. The incident occured in Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires.

Meanwhile, an unidentified fan also died after falling through a roof during the parade. He was said to be jumping up and down just like many others who were overjoyed by the occasion. Unfortunately, the roof he was standing on was not structurally sound and it gave way from under him, causing him to fall to his death.

At Plaza San Martin, a young boy got hit in the head by a piece of marble that fell from a monument. He sustained serious brain injuries and is currently in a coma.

Another fan got injured after he was seen falling off the back of the team bus. He and another man jumped on top of the bus from an overpass. The other man landed safely on the platform where the players were, but the other man jumped too late and fell off the back and onto the road after losing his footing.

The accident is apparently what prompted authorities to evacuate the players. They were airlifted away from the massive crowds and flown via helicopters over Buenos Aires instead.

Soon after, all hell broke loose as groups of fans started clashing with police. Several people were seen throwing bottles at police officers who were trying hard to defuse the situation.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Argentina Victory Parade after winning the World Cup
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Argentina Victory Parade after winning the World Cup Reuters