A bizarre trend has erupted following Argentina's victory at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. While the host country is a conservative Muslim state with strict dress codes, Argentina fans have gone in the opposite direction. Days after the final, numerous men and women have been filmed going topless or completely naked to celebrate the victory.

Taking off one's top is not an unusual celebration, with players themselves often stripping right on the pitch after scoring particularly crucial goals. This is now an act that can earn a player a yellow card, but fans appear to be able to do it without many consequences.

At the final itself, two Argentine women named Noemi and Milu were caught on camera flashing their bare breasts as they danced during the celebrations after the penalty shoot-out. While they were escorted out of the venue, they were able to go home safe and sound without facing jail time despite breaking local laws.

Now, the trend has spilled over to Argentina. During the victory parade on Tuesday, numerous women were filmed whipping their tops off in videos that have now gone viral on social media.

Twitter account @thecasualultra made a compilation of the topless videos starting from the two women at the Lusail stadium. They had their tops lifted up with their breasts painted with the Argentina flag. Then, it cuts to a video of a woman hanging off a vehicle window with her breasts in full view. An elderly woman was also seen dancing topless, while others took it to another level.

One woman danced completely naked at the foot of the obelisk at the centre of Buenos Aires, while another put her fully naked body on display as she bent over while standing on top of a large lamppost.

It was all in good fun, but the victory parade soon became dangerous after fans became more aggressive. Thousands of people blocked the squad's open top bus, and some people got injured after trying to jump into the bus from an overpass.

Some reports of violence soon broke out, and authorities had to evacuate the players using helicopters. Unfortunately, at least two fans have reportedly died while many more are injured due to the shenanigans after the World Cup victory.

Argentina Fans
Argentina fans AFP / TOMAS CUESTA