Do these structures point to extra-terrestrial life on Mercury?
Do these structures point to extra-terrestrial life on Mercury? Scott C Waring and NASA

Remember that face that was seen on Mars? A keen UFO believer says he has found faces and structures on Mercury in Nasa photos that prove that life exists on the red-hot planet.

Scott Waring, a teacher living in Taiwan who has authored a few books on UFOs, time travel and young adult fantasy fiction, also runs a website called UFO Sightings Daily for the international UFO believer community.

His website documents UFO sightings of all kinds, including things spotted in footage sent back to earth from Nasa rovers and space probes, and he claims to have found structures on Mercury that prove that extra-terrestrial life exists in grainy, barely distinguishable black and white photographs.

"Most people seem so preoccupied with Mars that everyone forgets there are other planets and moons we need to search. Mars is dead – although there may be alien bases under its surface, there is very little for us to see there," he writes in a blog post.

In 1976, photos taken from the Viking 1 spaceship revealed what looked like a face on Mars. Despite Nasa proving in 2001 that the face was actually just a landform, Nasa has still been sued for not investigating alien life on Mars.

Infrared photos

Waring says that the shadows in the photos are hidden because the Mariner 10 space probe's camera has different filters and takes infrared photographs that are able to cut through shadows, revealing a "honeycomb-like structure" (see top image) typical to the "people of planet Mercury" that cannot be seen in normal photos of Mercury.

By zooming the photographs in to 300% in size, he claims that there are structures hiding in the inner sides of at least seven craters, which are in darkness due to the position of Mercury in relation to the sun.

He has discovered a "crown jewel", a black cube on the surface of the planet.

A black cube structure on Mercury could be evidence of extra-terrestrial life
A black cube structure on Mercury could be evidence of extra-terrestrial life UFO Sightings Daily

"This is 100% a structure, an incredible cube that shows a shadow all the way around and they've tried to hide it in a crater, but it's massively tall so it's hard to hide it," he says in a video explaining his discovery.

"Being a cube and in the position it's in, it's clearly a structure that was made by intelligence and it's portable. Right now, it's disguised as the shadow in a crater that is so small - genius captain of that ship."

There are also structures in the shape of a "thumbs up" on Mercury.

"Thumbs Up" shaped structures on Mercury, or just the shadows in craters?
"Thumbs Up" shaped structures on Mercury, or just the shadows in craters? Scot Waring and Nasa

Ancient faces

Similar to Mars, Waring has seen a multitude of ancient-looking faces on Mercury, as well as on other planets, but he is much less confident about what the faces mean, compared to the structures.

"[The faces] are not that important. Are they faces from their pasts? Are they faces intermingling with their culture? It's very confusing. To say that every face is a species is ridiculous," he says.

There is one face though, that Waring says he has seen come up in many Mercury photos, time and again (see video above). The face has a large upper lip and "looks like a Neanderthal", with a strong nose and deep chin.

"I don't expect you to see the face unless you've had a good eye in art. I've had 13-14 years of art in my background, so sadly, these things pop up very easily for me," Waring states.

Waring's excitement about the possibility of extra-terrestrial life on Mercury is palpable, and he hopes that he will one day get to meet these beings.

"To our neighbours on Mercury, please announce yourselves to the people on Earth. They are as ready as they will ever be. You know that's true. I don't want your tech, your medicine or anything other than your friendship," he writes on his website.

"We are linked. Your people and mine are akin to the stars. We can't come to you, but you can come to us. See you then."

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