UFO photographed in Netherlands
UFO photographed in Netherlands Image Credit: YouTube/UFOvni2012

A woman in Bromley claims to have photographed an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). She sent the photograph to a local newspaper but insists she does not want her name to be revealed.

The photographs were reportedly taken on 27 April and she says the UFO witnessed was a large one. Her daughter was also present at the time and confirms her mother's sighting.

A report by News Shopper says the woman, who lives on Forde Avenue, was woken by a loud noise at 2.30am. She described the noise as neither like an airplane nor a helicopter.

"I woke up to this noise. I thought 'what on earth is that?' I went to my back bathroom window and in the distance I could see a big aircraft with all these lights," the woman told News Shopper.

"I couldn't make out the shape of whatever it was but I could see it was quite a large because the lights were so far apart," she added.

"I tried to get my husband up but he didn't take any notice. My daughter got up and she said she saw this big circular thing with all these lights. I don't know whether there is another type of aircraft we don't know about, but it just didn't look like anything I have ever seen before," the woman stressed.

The woman claims the UFO passed within 200ft of her window and flew above the rooftops of other homes in her neighbourhood. She concluded: "It was a strange ship because of where the lights were. It was not normal."

Last week, a UFO was photographed in the skies above Muidershot Castle in Amsterdam. And in May, there were reports of UFOs photographed over mountains in Canada.