UFO spotted in Australia
UFO spotted in Australia Image Credit: YouTube/ Mike Nikolaou

An Australian woman has captured a video of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) hovering over Bundaberg in Queensland. The video, recorded in March, shows a strange blue flickering light remaining stationary in the night sky.

"At about 9:15 pm as I was watching television I saw through the open lounge room door a blue light that came down like a beam not far from our house, or at least it looked like that . . . It came down from the sky, deathly quiet, and then disappeared," the unidentified woman told Bundaberg's daily newspaper, the News Mail.

The woman also posted the video on Facebook, hoping someone would give her an explanation of the mysterious phenomenon she witnessed. She also acknowledged, "Of course there could be quite a simple explanation for it, but I can't think of one."

The Bundaberg UFO video is one of several that have been reported from the country recently.

The same woman also claims to have seen at least one other UFO. She explains:

"There was also another incident when my husband, two of our friends and I sat on our verandah. Suddenly we saw a light in the sky that had come from nowhere, looked like a plane but was stationary and there was also no noise. As we were watching it, it suddenly dove downwards and disappeared. No plane or even helicopter can do that."

Bundaberg Sees Aliens

UFO sightings in the area are not a new development, with retired train driver Victor Olsen's story possibly the highlight. He told News Mail of an experience in 1967, while travelling from Maryborough to Bundaberg.

According to his story, he saw a red, spinning UFO in front of the train and said the strange object looked like "two saucers faced together". At one point, he claims he saw aliens - when the UFO moved close to the train.

"They had a long neck on them and an elongated head - nothing like I've ever seen before... They looked like nothing on earth, like a stick with a head," he said, adding railway staff were told not to report the sightings at the time.

"The armed forces told the railway to 'shut up or you'll scare the people,'" he explained.

World UFO Day Sighting

Meanwhile, on World UFO Day (2 July), an amateur photographer captured the image of a large, spherical and luminous UFO hovering over Empire Bay in New South Wales.

"The [large luminous] ball changed colour several times until it went orange, and then it moved slowly across the sky to hover over Woy Woy for some time," Drew Ryan said, adding, "This was the fifth time I have seen this same object in the Central Coast skies in the past couple of months."

Check out the video of the Queensland UFO here:

[Video Courtesy: Mike Nikolaou/YouTube]